What features are important when choosing a swim bag?

The choice of your swimming bag is not insignificant, it can make your life easier before, during or after your swimming session. The swimming bag is one of the most important pieces of equipment for the swimmer, even if it does not directly influence his performance. It is important to choose the right swimming bag and here are our recommendations: 

The waterproofness of the bag: This selection criterion may be the most important choice depending on where you want to store your swim bag during your sessions or after your sessions. Storing your wet stuff in your bag after your swim session on the way home is not a good idea and you may end up with a wet backpack or other type of bag.

Swim bag size: Depending on how often you go to the pool, the size of your bag will vary. The more time we spend in the pool, the bigger the bag we need to put all the accessories you need to practice swimming in good conditions. Likewise, if you are going to compete, you will need a swim bag big enough to hold several swimsuits, towels and wetsuits.

the way you carry the bag. At TYR 95% of the swim bags we offer are backpacks that you carry on your shoulders. We only have a wheeled bag usually intended for federations. The advantage of the backpack format is that this swim bag goes everywhere, it is easy to carry and easy to store in the lockers.

What to find in your TYR swim bag 

It's true that depending on the size of your swim bag, you won't be able to fit everything inside. Here is a suggested list of essential swimming products to have in your swim bag.

Your men's, women's or children's swimsuit

A bathing cap which is often requested in the swimming pool and which we recommend for hygiene reasons.

A bath towel

Swimming goggles that will allow you to open your eyes.

Other accessories can be added to our list if the equipment fits in your swim bag.

Flip-flops if you don't want to walk barefoot to the edge of the pool

Your accessories for the sessions like swim boards, swim pads, a pull buoy or fins...

a nose clip or ear plugs for the most sensitive among you.

For each aquatic sport, there is a swim bag model that is more adapted

Swimming and artistic swimming

swim bags are one of TYR's favorite pieces of equipment for swimmers. Our TYR Alliance Team swim bag is the bag that inspired all other swim brands. This swim bag is one of TYR's top sellers. It is very popular with swimmers because it has a large storage capacity (30L and 45L), several storage pockets of different sizes, a central waterproof pocket and its original look. Every year you can find limited editions of our Team Alliance swim bag.

The mesh swim bags are the perfect complement to the TYR Alliance Team swim bag. Whether it's the large mesh swim bag or our Mesh Mummy swim bag. Our swim net bags are for people who want to bring their swim gear to the poolside and still have their swim gear organized.


We offer triathlon bags. The Apex transition bag is one of our best sellers. It has a large storage capacity and storage for bike helmets. A special compartment is reserved for storing your wetsuit or swimskin in the dry bag. Our Apex triathlon bag also has a 15" laptop sleeve and mesh pockets on the ribs to store your water bottle for example. We also offer a waterproof triathlon bag with a capacity of 27L. It is composed of a large central compartment and a small pocket on the front that will allow you to put your small utensils.

Gym & lifestyle

Find also our sports bags. Our products range from the small sports bag also called gym bag with a single storage compartment. This sports bag is very practical to store your towel or swimsuit. You can also find our classic sports bag with a large central storage compartment and two storage pockets on the sides. We also offer girls a tote sports bag to keep it stylish while going to the gym or the beach with a large central compartment, a waterproof pocket and side pockets.

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