Swimming goggles

Making the right choice of swimming goggles is important when swimming. It is true that swimming in the pool or in the sea while opening your eyes is not a simple matter, chlorine or salt will sting your eyes. Swimming goggles will protect you from the attacks of chlorine, salt or bacteria present in the water. The choice of your pair of swimming goggles will depend on several factors such as the level of the practitioner, the size of the swimming goggles, the type of lenses used... It is therefore all the more important to choose swimming goggles that are well adapted to your face morphology so that they remain stable and waterproof throughout your pool session

How to properly adjust your goggles?

To properly adjust your goggles or swim mask, you must start by choosing the right size goggles. For that, there is a simple technique, if you try them before or after the purchase, it is enough to put the glasses on the eyes, if the swimming goggles hold at least 3s (suction cup effect) it is that it is the good size.

Let's focus on the adjustment of the swimming goggles. It is important to adjust your goggles properly to have the best possible comfort during your swimming sessions. Your frame should not be too tight (no marks around your eyes) but they should not be too loose or water will seep into the frame. For optimal support of your goggles and to avoid any risk of falling off during your sessions in the pools, the elastic should be placed at 45° with the top of your head.

How to care for your goggles?

After each swimming session, rinse your goggles thoroughly with cold, non-limy water if possible. Dry your goggles flat and in the open air. If your goggles are still dirty or if stains persist on the frame, feel free to use Marseille soap and a damp cotton swab without rubbing the lenses. For our goggles which are anti-fog treated, we draw your attention to the fact that with time and the way you maintain them the treatment dissipates. To continue to preserve your anti-fog treatment or to fight against fogging, do not hesitate to apply our anti-fog spray. Fogging of your goggles is well known to swimmers, these tips will allow you to get rid of it for good so you can concentrate on your swimming technique and efforts.

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Swimming goggles  

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